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You have gone through the difficult work of a divorce or custody dispute and finally have an order from the court detailing everyone’s rights and obligations. But what do you do if the other parent refuses to follow the court order? Your first step is to talk with an experienced family law attorney who can help you understand your options.

At Moffett Law Firm, our experienced lawyers can help you seek enforcement of a court order through court action. We have been representing parents in the Houston area since 2005. We can also defend you if an enforcement action has been filed against you. We are experienced trial attorneys and are not afraid to fight aggressively to protect your rights.

Serious Consequences For Contempt Of Court

If one parent is not complying with the terms of an existing order, the other parent may file an enforcement cause of action to compel compliance. Enforcement of court orders can apply to many situations, including when:

  • The parent ordered to pay child support fails to pay.
  • A parent fails to comply with orders for possession of and access to a child.
  • A parent fails to follow specific orders regarding the exercise of rights and duties regarding a child.

Enforcement Of A Court Order Requires Clear Direction

Enforcing a court order through contempt requires clear, concise and unambiguous command language that details exactly what is being ordered by Texas courts. For orders regarding contempt of court for child visitation in Texas, the court order will command the “surrender” of children to the receiving party at the start of visitation. The exact start and end dates of visitation and place of exchange must be clearly outlined.

For orders regarding contempt of court for payment of child support in Texas, the court order must detail an exact amount of payment and when it is due, who is to receive payments, when the payments will begin and when they will end. If you have questions about an enforcement issue, please call our firm.

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