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Support And Care For Every Child

Child support is an integral part of any custody suit or divorce involving children. Providing financial support for children is the responsibility of both parents. Household finances are inherently split when the divorce is finalized, with the children likely spending time with both parents. Every child deserves to be cared for and supported. At Moffett Law Firm, we know you want what is best for your child, and we have extensive experience helping parents establish sensible child support orders for their families.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Texas?

In Texas, the legislature has created a statutory formula for establishing and calculating “guideline” child support. This formula varies depending on the number of children involved in the suit, whether a parent has a duty to support other children and the net resources available to the parent ordered to pay. Texas courts may order temporary child support while the proceedings are pending.

The guidelines include:

  • One child: 20% of the paying party’s net income
  • Two children: 25% of the paying party’s net income
  • Three children: 30% of the paying party’s net income
  • Four children: 35% of the paying party’s net income
  • Five children: 40% of the paying party’s net income
  • Six or more children: not less than 40% of the paying party’s net income

The child support percentages are subject to statutory caps on the amount of income which is considered for child support. However, the count can also consider other factors that may justify paying child support above the statutory guidelines.

When Circumstances Change

After a divorce or separation, life moves forward and circumstances change. Children and their needs grow. You may find that your child support order no longer reflects your child’s needs or your ability to pay. Texas courts make modifications to support orders if the circumstances allow. Talk with one of our attorneys if you have an outdated support order that needs modification.

Circumstances do not always change for the better. Child support is the state’s way of ensuring the child has adequate monetary support. The state of Texas takes child support issues seriously. If one parent fails to follow the child support obligations, the other parent may need an attorney to enforce the child support orders.

We Are Here To Discuss Your Child Support Issues

If you need to establish, modify or enforce a child support order, please call our Houston office at 713-333-5800 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.