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How Is Spousal Maintenance Determined In Texas?

The end of a marriage can be a stressful and emotional situation. Splitting a household’s finances only adds to that stress. Many people wonder if they will qualify for spousal maintenance post-divorce or for temporary spousal support during the dependency of the divorce. The answer to these questions can involve many complicated factors. The experienced attorneys at Moffett Law Firm can answer your questions about spousal maintenance and temporary spousal support and work to protect your financial interests.

Temporary Vs. Long-Term Maintenance

While the divorce suit is still pending a party may be eligible for temporary spousal support. The courts may grant temporary spousal support in an effort to maintain the financial status quo of the parties until the divorce is final. The court will only grant long-term spousal maintenance as part of the final divorce decree.

The amount of temporary support is usually based on need, and we can correctly assess and advocate for your level of need. Without the right professionals at your side, you could overpay the amount of temporary spousal support needed for the other party to meet his or her financial obligations or under-receive what you need to meet your financial obligations while the case is pending.

Changes to Texas family laws have increased the length of time for payment of spousal maintenance post divorce. The party filing for support may receive up to five, seven or 10 years of spousal maintenance if they qualify. Contact the lawyers at Moffett Law Firm for more information on these legal changes and how they affect your case.

Questions About Spousal Maintenance? Call Us.

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