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Dividing property can be the most complicated aspect of any divorce. When a couple owns complex assets, such as multiple properties, extensive retirement accounts or business ownership interests, they need an experienced family law attorney who understands how to value and identify marital interests and claims related to these assets. Failure to properly address such property and related claims could result in significant losses.

At Moffett Law Firm, we are highly skilled and experienced in identifying complex marital property assets and related claims, as well as identifying and confirming your separate property. Separate property may include property that was owned, before marriage, as well as assets inherited or gifted during marriage or acquired during a marriage with separate property funds. We can also assist you in working with knowledgeable experts who can analyze commingled assets and uncover hidden assets.

What Are Complex Assets?

Complex assets generally have a high value and may have a complicated ownership structure. Analyzing complex assets may require a professional to formally evaluate their worth. We have handled numerous cases involving the division of complex marital assets, including but not limited to:

  • Real estate holdings
  • Privately held businesses and partnerships
  • Professional Practices
  • Pension and retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts and properties
  • Stock options and deferred income
  • High-value cars, jewelry and art
  • Trusts, stocks and investment portfolios

Complex property issues often involve areas of expertise outside the scope of family law. Moffett Law Firm consults with and when appropriate collaborates with a wide network of professionals when dealing with complex assessments and valuations.

Fighting For Your Interests

At Moffett Law Firm, we understand that your financial future is at stake, and we will fight to protect your interest in the property and claims in dispute. If we cannot reach a property settlement with the other side, we are experienced trial attorneys, ready to take your argument to the courtroom.

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