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5 people your attorney can recommend to you to assist you through a divorce

Divorce is a complicated process, particularly when parties have substantial assets or a contentious relationship. Between the high stakes of financial issues and the challenges of reaching a settlement, the process can be intimidating and stressful.

Thankfully, no one needs to go through a divorce alone. That’s why you have hired Moffett Law Firm to assist you through this process. Your attorney is crucial in explaining your options, protecting your rights and pursuing the appropriate avenues for dispute resolution during the divorce process. The attorneys at Moffett Law Firm will evaluate your case and can recommend several professionals who can help tackle issues throughout your split, including:

  1. A child custody evaluator- Determining what is in a child’s best interests can be more complicated than parents expect. In situations where parents disagree or a child has unique needs, consulting a child custody evaluator can be beneficial. Through their evaluations, they can provide guidance on what is the best environment for a child.
  2. Forensic accountant – The financial elements of divorce can be the most complex, particularly if you have businesses or other sophisticated assets to address. A forensic accountant examines parties’ finances to determine how much is at stake. They can also identify any missing or miscategorized property.
  3. Private investigator – Parties can file for divorce on a no-fault basis in Texas, meaning they do not have to prove the reason for a divorce. However, there may be reasons people need to prove someone is lying, having an affair or engaged in other types of misconduct. Under these circumstances, hiring a private investigator may be an option.
  4. Real estate professional – Real estate properties are typically the most valuable assets people have. Thus, distributing them during a divorce can be highly complicated. Working with real estate professionals can help divorcing spouses make informed decisions about valuing, buying, selling, renting and dividing property.
  5. Mental health professionals – Counselors and therapists help individuals with the emotional and psychological impact of a divorce. Attending to your mental health during this time can help you cope with the stress and focus on doing what is best for you and your family now and in the future.

Again, you need not go through a divorce alone. These parties can provide the confidence, support and guidance you need to navigate this process more easily.

An attorney from Moffett Law Firm can help you get started with the divorce process and help seek any additional help needed from outside experts throughout the process.

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