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Vaccination disputes: Can you still vaccinate your child?

One thing that has been prominent in the news in the last few years is the argument about the safety of vaccines. Medical providers argue that they’re safe for most people, but those who have been injured by them argue that they aren’t. Some people don’t want to vaccinate their children, while others say it’s neglectful and reckless not to.

In a vaccine dispute, you have to remember that a court is going to rule based on what is in your child’s best interests. If they have had previous vaccines with no complications, then a judge may agree that having the vaccine reduces your child’s risk of developing more serious diseases and is in their best interest. On the other hand, if your child has had life-threatening allergic reactions or unusual side effects, then you may be able to argue that having a vaccine is not worth the risk.

Did you know that public schools require vaccination?

This is something that will factor into a judge’s decision, especially if your child won’t be able to attend school with their peers and homeschooling doesn’t appear to be an option. Overall, as you can see, there are multiple factors to consider.

What should you do if your spouse wants to prevent vaccination but you share custody rights?

If you both have legal custody rights, one of you can take your child to receive vaccinations. However, if this is a major dispute, it may be something that you want to discuss with one another and find a solution for rather than to do something behind the other parent’s back. It may be a good idea to speak with your attorney before you take action.

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