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What Is Supervised Visitation in Texas? – How It Works

No one goes into marriage thinking it will dissolve or that their spouse will turn out to be different than the person they thought they married. But the reality is that people change. Some change for better and some turn into people we no longer recognize.

When you become concerned about your spouse or ex-spouse, it can be difficult to handle. They may have started drinking or have become physically or emotionally abusive. They may have developed some type of mental illness that causes unsafe behavior around your children. They may have succumbed to drug addiction and can’t kick the habit.

It’s situations like these when supervised visitation in Texas may be necessary.

What Is Supervised Visitation in Texas?

So, what is supervised visitation? This type of visitation is when the court orders a monitor to be with the parent when they are spending time with their children. Supervised visitation rights are often granted when the courts fear the potential actions of the non-custodial parent, and want to provide for the safety and security of the child.

Reasons for Supervised Visitation in Texas?

Court ordered supervised visitation may be necessary when a parent is verbally or physically abusive or when they are concerned about the parent taking the child against court orders. Mental illness, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse are often precursors to this kind of behavior, but the courts must ensure the safety of the children above anything else.

Reasons to Request Supervised Visitation

If you’ve experienced domestic violence it may seem like a good idea to save money and have a relative step in for supervised visitation. Unfortunately, this is often a bad idea that can be detrimental to the children and other relatives.

Abusive people sometimes think they can manipulate others, and the only way to keep the kids safe is to have a court ordered monitor that has no relationship with either party.

Reasons for a Court Ordered Monitor

Although there are many people in different occupations who follow supervised visitation guidelines in Texas to protect the children, the monitors are often psychiatrists or psychologists. These people are keenly aware of the signs of verbal and emotional abuse. They have the knowledge to express to the courts if the grounds for supervised visitation in Texas are working, or if the parent needs to be continually monitored.

Reasons Why a Court Will Consider the Wishes of the Child

If a child is old enough and shows maturity, the courts may listen to their requests when it comes to child custody supervised visitation. The courts will consider the child’s emotional maturity and whether they feel the child is being manipulated into making a specific request.

How Does Supervised Visitation Work?

how to get supervised visitation removed

Any parent who is concerned about their child’s welfare may wonder – how does supervised visitation work?

Having supervised visitation simply means the non-custodial parent is supervised while visiting with their child. In most cases, the visiting parent goes to a designated location where the monitor is located, such as a psychologist’s office.

As the monitor feels more comfortable with the parent’s behavior, the sessions can be moved to a park or other pleasant location in which the parent can interact with the child. In most cases, the judge decides who the monitor will be and where the meetings are to take place.

How to Request Supervised Visitation in Texas

If you want to know how to request supervised visitation you can do it during divorce proceedings. This can happen with a suit that impacts the parent/child relationship, during a paternity case, or in a family violence protective order case.

If you’re not going through any of the above cases, you can contact a private family lawyer in Houston, such as the ones at Moffett Law Firm.

Once you know how to request supervised visitation you are that much closer to protecting your children. People often ask, can I request supervised visitation? You can always request it, but it is up to the courts whether or not it will be granted.

Who Pays for Supervised Visitation in Texas?

It’s important to know who pays for supervised visitation before the process is started. In most cases, the parent who is required to be supervised is responsible. In some divorce cases, the judge will determine who pays. In other cases, if the custodial parent has a much higher income level and the non-custodial parent is financially strapped, the custodial parent may be asked to pay.

How Long Is Supervised Visitation Enforced?

how long is supervised visitation enforced in Texas?

There is no one right answer to matter of how long supervised visitation is enforced. This is because some non-custodial parents show their responsibility towards the child right away and others may not. Monitors will make suggestions to the court based on their observations.

How to Get Supervised Visitation Removed?

If you’re a non-custodial parent with visitation rights, you may want this sort of step-up visitation in Texas. The state understands that people make mistakes and they are often willing to help individuals learn how to get supervised visitation removed when they are deemed safe for visitation.

To start, it’s important to always show up on time and to give plenty of notice if you need to cancel or change dates. Always be on your best behavior and watch your language and actions towards your child. Pay child support on time. Be mindful not to berate the other parent or talk negatively about the court order.

In simple terms, be upbeat and positive and appreciate the time you can spend with your child. Know that past mistakes don’t always have to end poorly. You are being given the chance to spend time with your children.

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