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Unmarried Parents Have Rights And Obligations

Unmarried parents of minor children in Texas have the same rights and obligations as married or divorcing parents with respect to the care and custody of their children. They can seek to obtain child custody and visitation rights with respect to their children, as well as collect or pay child support. The first step is to establish the paternity of the child through the Texas court system. The attorneys at Moffett Law Firm have extensive experience assisting individuals with paternity suits in the Houston area.

Scenarios That Lead To Paternity Suits

Either parent may decide to pursue a parentage cause of action for a variety of reasons. Unmarried fathers must be legally recognized by Texas courts as the child’s father before they can acquire legal rights with regard to the child. Texas courts use paternity tests to establish paternity. Scenarios that lead to paternity actions may include:

  • Mothers will often file a paternity action to establish legal obligations for child support. A man may be incorrectly named as the child’s father, however, which could cause undue financial stress. He may wish to file a paternity action proving that he is not the biological father of the child.
    • In this scenario, there is a strict time limit on a parent’s ability to correct a paternity finding when he is not the biological parent. the attorneys at Moffett Law Firm can assist you if you find yourself in this situation so you can take the necessary and proper action before your ability to do so expires.
  • Unmarried fathers may choose to file a paternity action to be named as the child’s rightful biological father and to establish a relationship with the child. For fathers who are paying child support in the state of Texas, filing a suit to enforce visitation if they are not allowed to see their child is possible within the purview of law.
  • Fathers can seek joint custody if it is in the best interest of their child to do so. However, legal guidance from experienced Houston paternity attorneys is recommended to navigate these confusing and complex matters.

Whether you need to establish paternity to secure the right to see your children, collect child support or resolve disputed custody claims, you can rely on Moffett Law Firm to defend your legal rights.

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