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Mistakes people make before meeting with a divorce attorney

Realizing your marriage is ending can undoubtedly be a confusing and stressful time, particularly for those who have never been through a divorce before.

Unfortunately, people make some mistakes at this point that can create problems or delays later in the process.

Making any financial offers

Making offers without legal counsel can be a costly mistake. There are state laws to consider, valuations that need to happen and prenuptial agreements to review for some people. Without legal help, you can wind up paying more in support than you should or collecting fewer assets than you deserve.

Before you make any financial concessions or demands, meeting with an attorney can be vital in understanding your rights and negotiating a fair outcome.

Overlooking the logistics

Divorce is a legal process, whether your split is cooperative or contentious. This means there is paperwork, filing requirements and deadlines to observe and legal documentation to review and submit.

Before individuals meet with an attorney, they could make some logistical missteps. Some examples include:

  • Letting the other person decide where to file
  • Completing the wrong forms
  • Filing paperwork without meeting residency requirements
  • Failing to comply with court etiquette
  • Refusing to cooperate and pursuing litigation

Logistical missteps early in the divorce process can create avoidable obstacles that ultimately take more time and money to repair. 

Reaching informal agreements

In the days following a person’s decision to divorce, things like child custody and financial support can be up in the air. At first, divorcing spouses might agree to share equal parenting time or be cooperative during the divorce. 

However, informal agreements can fall apart quickly. They can be difficult or impossible to carry out, and parties can dispute the terms of the arrangement. Meeting with an attorney can help you secure more concrete plans. 

It is also worth noting that courts cannot enforce informal agreements, so there may be no recourse in the event of a violation.

Talking to an attorney is not something you need to wait to do when you end a marriage in Texas. On the contrary, securing counsel sooner rather than later can ultimately make the process go more smoothly and quickly, so it should be a top priority for divorcing individuals.

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