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What decisions may parents share when they share joint conservatorship?

When co-parents act as their child’s joint managing conservators after a divorce, they do not only share the responsibility of parenting their child. They also share the right to make important decisions about their child’s life and care. What decisions may they need to make in cooperation with each other? 7 important decisions in joint managing conservatorship arrangements Joint conservatorship,…

3 steps to take when preparing for divorce

Taking the time to prepare for any major life event is an important way to protect your interests, and this is especially true of divorce. By carefully collecting important documents and having frank conversations about the things that matter most to you, you can lay the groundwork for a strong future for your family. What steps should you take? 1….

Does someone have to be at fault in a Texas divorce?

Couples may want to end their marriage for a variety of reasons. In some cases, one of them was involved in wrongdoing that brought the marriage to a breaking point. In others, though, time and life changes can cause couples to drift apart. Do couples need to establish fault for Texas courts to grant them a divorce? Fault can be…

What happens to pets in a Texas divorce?

Pets are a key part of many families. They may have comforted you in stressful times, or they may be your child’s best friend. What happens, then, when divorce changes your family? Who will move forward with ownership of your family pet? How does Texas law address pets? While you may view your pet as a companion and a key…

The methods a spouse may use to hide assets from another

The lack of trust led to the disintegration of your marriage. That mistrust lied dormant within your union for many years. However, you could not ignore it when you were together and even tried to overcome it through marital counseling sessions. Now, you especially cannot ignore the mistrust of your estranged spouse while going through a divorce. It has been…

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