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Modifications in order with increase or decrease in income

As a single parent, you understand your responsibilities as well as what to expect from your child’s other parent. For example, there are pick-up and drop-off times, discussions about your child’s progress in school as well as child support. For the latter, in your case, the money is typically garnished straight from your paycheck.

But, sometimes, factors in your life change. And, when they do, it likely means the need to revisit your divorce agreement. Two scenarios come to mind: a significant boost in a parent’s income and a significant drop in a parent’s income. In both situations, post-divorce modifications are in order. If you lost your job, how can you maintain the originally ordered child support amount? On the other hand, if the other spouse received a significant raise at work, should not you get a fair cut of that to pay child-related expenses?

Many reasons for post-divorce modifications

Modifications to an initial divorce agreement can take place for a number of reasons. Some of them include a change in a child’s health and education needs; a permanent disability striking either the child or parents; the relocation of the child and parent; the mental or physical illness of a parent; and a parent’s substance abuse that hinders raising a child.

And some of the other primary reasons for post-divorce modifications include:

  • An increase in income: When good fortune in the workplace shines on a former spouse who received a significant pay hike or income boost at a new job, modifications to child support are in order. If you are the primary custodial parent, you should pursue your fair share of that raise and seek changes to the divorce agreement.
  • A decrease in income: Job loss is difficult, and, in today’s COVID-19 pandemic era, many people have become unemployed. In such scenarios, you likely cannot meet the necessary child support amount. Adjustments are in order in cases like this or in situations in which you do find a job, but at an exceptionally lower pay scale. These adjustments may only be temporary, though.

Anytime significant changes occur in the lives of divorced parents, it is time to take another look at the divorce agreement. Post-divorce modifications are in order, especially when issues such as increases and decreases in income arise.

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