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Decision-making by co-parents in a custody order

Parenting is hard when two co-parents do not agree about how best to serve their children’s needs. Houston parents may have different ideas and beliefs about whether it is best to have their children vaccinated, if particular diets are beneficial to their health, or what level of involvement the parents should have in the everyday activities of their kids. Having gone through a divorce can make these matters even more difficult to resolve.

Child custody, called conservatorship in Texas, is an important family law topic. Different families will come out of family law conservator proceedings with different sets of parental rights and responsibilities. To understand who can make these decisions about the raising of their kids, individuals should consult with their trusted divorce and family law attorneys for advice.

Joint managing conservatorship rights

In many situations, parents will be granted joint managing conservatorship of their kids. These parents often share decision-making powers about how their children will be raised. Under a joint managing conservatorship order, parents can have their rights and responsibilities divided so that while each has some rights to make decision about their kids, they may each have rights in different areas of decision-making.

Sole managing conservatorship rights

When the best interests of the children warrant such decisions, courts can grant sole managing conservatorship to one of a child’s parents. This happens when a parent may pose a danger to their child or may be unable to care for their child due to addiction or substance abuse. The circumstances of the case will dictate this type of conservatorship arrangement.

When a parent has sole managing conservatorship, they have the exclusive right to make decisions about how their child is raised. Their co-parent may have rights to visitation, but responsibility for the child’s well-being resides with the custodial parent.

Custody and conservatorship can be difficult and emotional. Parents do not have to address their questions and concerns without help. Family law attorneys are available to support and advise those in need.

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