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Dividing rental properties in a Texas divorce

If you and your spouse purchased real estate to rent out to others during your marriage, those properties may be your primary source of income and the most substantial assets that you own. It’s completely understandable that you might feel worried about what will happen to those properties in your divorce. Exactly what will happen depends on a number of…

Divorce challenges for parents of child with special needs

Even in the best of circumstances, having a child who has special needs presents challenges for the entire family. When the parents of the child realize that they can’t remain in a romantic relationship, the challenges that are present in everyday life will likely intensify as they try to work through the child custody matters. Unfortunately, there isn’t really an…

What is the most complex issue during divorce?

Nothing about divorce is easy. It marks the beginning of a new normal for all involved. Even if it is ultimately for the better, the transition period comes with immense challenges. These challenges can generally be divided into two buckets, financial and emotional. In the latter, navigating the ups and downs requires perseverance, patience and strength. In this blog post,…

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