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Arguments over sports? Here’s what to do

You and your ex-spouse both want to support your children, but the problem is that what you think is safe and what he believes is safe are two different things. You don’t want your child to play contact sports. As a pediatrician, you’ve seen young children with horrible concussions and injuries from contact sports. Your ex-spouse believes that the emotional…

Custody issues and the gender-nonconforming child

Your child has always marched to the beat of their own drum, and they’re increasingly disinterested in conforming to any kind of gender rules. Maybe your little boy likes to wear dresses and play with dolls. Maybe your little girl has gone from a “tomboy” to a teenager who is proudly nonbinary. Whatever the situation, one thing is clear: This…

Hiding assets during a divorce: Don’t do it, but make sure to look for it

During a divorce, one spouse may decide to hide assets. It’s important to note that doing this is illegal, yet some people choose to do so anyway in hopes that they will not get caught. How do they do this? There are many different avenues. One person may decide to try to hide assets in a bank account you don’t…

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