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What if parents disagree about dietary restrictions?

Co-parenting can get difficult when parents disagree on how they should do things after divorce. For instance, one parent may always tell the child they have to go to bed at 8:00 o’clock, while the other parent just lets them stay up as late as they want. One parent may be into a stricter discipline style, while the other rarely…

Postmarital agreements: Is yours valid?

You and your spouse were once very much in love with one another, but that changed over time. You became resentful as you both grew apart, and that’s what led to you both agreeing that it’s time to divorce. In the past, you had a postnuptial agreement drawn up. You and your spouse both signed it around two years ago,…

Do this when you have to negotiate child custody

Dealing with child custody matters isn’t always easy, but the situation is almost always better when both parents can work as a team. This starts when you’re working out the parenting plan, which is what governs how custody and visitation of the children will be handled now that you and your spouse aren’t together. One of the most important things…

Have you had enough? It might be time to seek an enforcement.

From enforcing a bedtime for younger children to how to handle your child’s report card, co-parenting with your ex will be full of disagreements. Some of these issues, though, are a violation of your parental rights, and you can fight back against them in court. Could your parenting frustrations be a cause for enforcement? Child support payments are not optional….

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