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How you handle your bank accounts can cause divorce issues

Once you’ve made up your mind to file for divorce, your biggest concerns will likely be reducing the negative consequences of your decision. Preventing your ex from taking retaliatory financial steps may seem like a good decision, but how you do so could potentially impact the outcome of your divorce. Until the day that you file for divorce or become…

Vaccination disputes: Can you still vaccinate your child?

One thing that has been prominent in the news in the last few years is the argument about the safety of vaccines. Medical providers argue that they’re safe for most people, but those who have been injured by them argue that they aren’t. Some people don’t want to vaccinate their children, while others say it’s neglectful and reckless not to….

Will the Texas courts let your older children pick where to live?

The way that you choose to split up child custody can easily become the most contentious issue in your divorce. Both you and your ex probably want as much parenting time as possible with your kids, which can make compromise very difficult. The courts may have to step in to split up custody, and children may have the right to…

What happens to your inheritance if you get divorced?

Intergenerational transfers of wealth are a way for family members to leave both a legacy and a means of caring for their loved ones when they die. If you are fortunate enough to inherit assets of substantial value from your loved ones, those assets may become very precious to you.  In the event of a divorce, you probably want to…

Is nesting the right option for your family after divorce?

Something you and your spouse have talked about during divorce is the potential for using nesting to keep your child in the family home. You both make enough money to support your own apartments outside your original family home, so you can keep it and simply switch back and forth on the days you have custody. Nesting can be a…

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