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These 3 mistakes could upset your high-asset Texas divorce

Getting a divorce when you have plenty of money at your disposal is much easier than less wealthy divorces, right? No! While getting divorced is never easy, a high-asset divorce is typically even more complicated. Some of the most pressing concerns in a high-asset divorce include:

  • Property division
  • Child support
  • Business valuations
  • Spousal support
  • And many others

Our attorneys serve many high-asset families in the Houston area. Through our considerable experience, we have seen couples make mistakes that often lead to an unbalanced or unfair outcome. In the interest of serving you better, we want to share three of these common mistakes.

1. Being overly agreeable

You probably just want to get your divorce finished as fast as possible, but please be cautious about agreeing to everything your spouse suggests. Instead, have a lawyer guide you through your negotiations to ensure your interests remain protected.

2. Acting out of spite

Giving in to any bitter emotions you harbor over the marital split can completely derail your side of the equation in a high-asset divorce. Make a concerted effort to set your feelings aside so that you can put careful thought into the decisions you make.

3. Assuming your spouse is 100% forthcoming

Unfortunately, some spouses try to hide some of their property in a high-asset divorce. Make sure you and your attorney explore all of the ways your spouse might try to engage in asset hiding.

With the right approach and guidance from an experienced law firm, your high-asset divorce need not be a total nightmare. Discover other strategies to survive your Texas divorce and thrive in its aftermath by continuing to explore our website. 

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