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Adopting a Child in Texas – How Much Does Adoption Cost?

There are many reasons a couple may consider adopting a child in Texas. Some couples try for years to get pregnant and just can’t. Sometimes fertility treatments work, but sometimes they don’t. Then there are those people who never found the right person and would like to start a family by themselves. Regardless of the reason for adoption, a big…

Moving Out of State During Divorce – Texas Child Custody Relocation

One of the most frightening things any parent can experience is losing their child. From the time they’re little, you hold their hands and teach them how to stay safe. We make sure they know their phone number, address, and who to call in case of an emergency. We track their movements and know their whereabouts. We worry about them…

What Is Supervised Visitation in Texas? – How It Works

No one goes into marriage thinking it will dissolve or that their spouse will turn out to be different than the person they thought they married. But the reality is that people change. Some change for better and some turn into people we no longer recognize. When you become concerned about your spouse or ex-spouse, it can be difficult to…

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