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What Is Child Support Supposed to Be Used for in Texas?

After the wedding is over and the guests are long gone, many people find themselves ready for parenthood. Although it’s riddled with dirty diapers, long nights, little sleep, and scant time for the parents, the joys of parenthood are many. Children are a blessing and can bring joy to any home. Unfortunately, when the bonds of marriage begin to break…

What Is Insupportability in a Divorce in Texas?

No groom watches his bride walk down the aisle while thinking it could all come crashing down in a divorce. Marriages start with dreams of the future, shared goals, and endless potential. While oftentimes these dreams or goals do come true, there are times when couples simply break down and can’t go on. It may be due to one spouse,…

Is Adultery Illegal in Texas? – Divorce Laws for Adultery and Infidelity

In recent years, the world has been inundated with social media; it seems you can’t escape it. Social media has a lot of good aspects to it, such as being able to get in touch with friends and family at the touch of a button or being able to get a message out to numerous people at once. You can…

What Is Considered Abandonment in a Marriage in Texas?

Most children at some point see movies that depict knights in shining armor or princesses eagerly awaiting the perfect marriage. Problems may exist, but they are easily overcome and quickly forgotten. While these fantasies sometimes do come true, unfortunately for some, they don’t get the fairytale ending they had always dreamed of. Marriage is difficult, and sometimes can become impossible….

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