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What Is AOP? – How to Get a Court Ordered Paternity Test in Texas

If there are any doubts about the identity of a child’s biological father, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the Texas paternity laws. After all, establishing paternity in Texas can benefit both children and parents in various ways.

Texas paternity laws can be complex, which is why so many people have questions, such as:

  • What is a paternity order?
  • How much does a paternity test cost in Texas?

If you’re curious about how to initiate acknowledgment of paternity in Texas, here’s what you need to know.

What is Paternity?

Establishing paternity in Texas starts by legally identifying the father of a child. Once you petition to establish paternity, the child’s biological father becomes the legal father. This comes with both rights and responsibilities toward the child, which is why finding out how to establish paternity in Texas is critical.

Establishing Paternity in Texas

A motion to establish paternity in Texas can safeguard paternal rights. It can also offer children the benefits they deserve. For example, Texas paternity laws can help secure child support from the father. Establishing paternity in Texas can also ensure that children get any insurance, social security payments, veteran’s benefits or inheritance they are entitled to due to their father.

Another good reason for a motion for paternity testing is to ensure children are aware of their medical history. No matter the reason you want to petition to establish paternity in Texas, you can get help with your case when you contact the Houston paternity issues attorneys at the Moffett Law Firm.

What is Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP)?

The Acknowledgement of Paternity is a form that the child’s mother and a man both sign of asserting that the man is the child’s biological father. This legal form is typically only necessary when the parents are not married to each other but want to identify the child’s father legally.

Just note that if the child’s mother is married to another man when the child is born, the presumed father will automatically be her husband. In this case, the biological father cannot file an AOP form until the mother’s husband signs a Denial of Paternity form in Texas first.

acknowledgement of paternity Texas

If you have any questions about this process or want to know more about Texas laws on signing the birth certificate, contact the Houston divorce attorneys at the Moffett Law Firm for help.

Acknowledgment of Paternity Form in Texas

You can fill out an Acknowledgement of Paternity form in Texas at the hospital on the day the child is born. This way, the hospital can file this form with the Texas Vital Statistics Unit. You can also file an Acknowledgement of Paternity form in Texas long after the child is born. You only need to fill out the form at a certified location—which could be a child support office or birth registrar.

How to Get a Court Ordered Paternity Test in Texas

If one of the child’s parents is not cooperating with the process of establishing paternity in Texas, it’s wise to start researching how to file for a court-ordered paternity test. You can do this by hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit to adjudicate paternity. This will take any uncertainty out of the process of learning how to petition for a paternity test, since you’ll have an experienced legal representative on your side.

For further questions about how to get a paternity test in Texas, or if you need help filing a petition for paternity form, contact the Moffett Law Firm today.

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