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Texas Child Support Enforcement – Laws, Process & Jail Time Standards

While the amount of child support you or your ex spouse owes may be negotiable, the act of paying it is not. In Texas, child support enforcement is an important process within the divorce laws in Texas that is not taken lightly.

Whether you’re behind on child support or your child’s other parent is, you need legal assistance as soon as possible. Educate yourself on the basics of the Texas child support enforcement process and then hire a lawyer today.

Texas Child Support Enforcement Laws

Non-payment of child support in Texas is a big deal, as it can come with severe penalties. After all, the noncustodial parent is required to help the custodial parent financially support the child. This means the child is the one who ultimately suffers when one parent is not paying child support in Texas.

For this reason, Texas child support enforcement laws are meant to be harsh enough to persuade parents to pay on time every month. If they don’t, they face penalties that may include liens, wage withholding, license suspension and even jail time.

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Texas Child Support Non-Payment Penalties

When it comes to delinquent child support, Texas Courts have a few ways of responding. One is to withhold a portion of the parent’s wages to ensure the child support gets paid. The court might also place a lien on any property the parent owns.

Not paying child support in Texas can also result in the suspension of driver’s licenses to professional licenses. And if a parent is found in contempt of court for child support in Texas, he or she may get jail time.

How Far Behind on Child Support Before Jail in Texas?

Jail time is often a consequence of a parent ignoring Texas child support enforcement efforts. If you’re wondering how far behind on child support before jail comes into play within Texas, the answer is not simple. It depends on your specific case and what happens in court.

If you ignore that the Texas child support enforcement process is happening and neglect to make payments, you’re more likely to go to jail than if you show you’re trying to pay what you owe.

how far behind on child support before jail in Texas

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Texas Child Support Enforcement Process

If your child’s other parent is behind on child support payments, it’s time to learn how to enforce child support in Texas.

First, you’ll need to talk to a lawyer who will walk you through each step. He or she can tell you more about how to increase the chance of the other parent responding to the Texas child support enforcement process.

Your lawyer can also help you file the corresponding Texas contempt of court forms if your child’s other parent does not respond or pay.

How to Report Non-Payment of Child Support in Texas

To determine how to collect unpaid child support, start by working with your lawyer to file a motion to enforce child support. The motion should list the dates of all missed payments and the total amount your child’s parent owes you.

Once you file a motion to enforce child support in Texas, a hearing will be scheduled. You will need to have the defendant served with paperwork about the hearing.

How to Collect Back Child Support in Texas

You are entitled to back child support, no matter how many years it has been since the defendant stopped paying. When you work with a lawyer to pursue back child support, you can rest assured that your child’s parent will face severe legal consequences if he or she ignores the motion—including up to 180 days in jail for every contempt of court incident.

If you have additional questions about how to collect child support in Texas, or you need to a defense lawyer for your case, please contact the Moffett Law Firm today.


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